12 Crystal and Flower Infused Oil Rollers
  • 12 Crystal and Flower Infused Oil Rollers

12 Crystal and Flower Infused Oil Rollers


A combination of essential oils and flower or crystal essences that are blended together and packaged in a roll-on bottle. These rollers are used for aromatherapy and to promote physical and emotional well-being. This are made with NON-GMO, organic grape seed oil.

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Crystal and Flower Rollers: Calm


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This listing is for 12 rollers

The essential oils used in these rollers are usually extracted from plants through steam distillation or cold-pressed method.

The flower and crystal essences are believed to have vibrational healing properties and can help to balance emotions and promote mental clarity.

The roll-on applicator allows for easy and convenient use. Simply roll the oil onto your wrists, temples or any pulse points and then breathe in the aroma. The roller can be carried with you wherever you go and used throughout the day as needed.

Our Essential Oil Rollers with Flower and Crystal Essences are filled with our special blends of oils, crystals, and flowers, including NON-GMO, organic grape seed oil. High quality essential oils that have only been extracted using cold press or steam method.

Calm- amethyst, lavender oil, lavender 

Unwind- blue lace agate, roman chamomile oil, Egyptian chamomile

Good Vibes- Lemon essential oil, dried calendula, and citrine

Confidence- Bergamot essential oil, roses, and rose quartz

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*Made for curio

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