Non-Toxic Burning Fragrance Oils

  • Non-Toxic Burning Fragrance Oils
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.5 ounce bottles of our non-toxic burner fragrance oils

Use our burning fragrance oils in your favorite oil burner or even use them to freshen up your wax tarts! You can even mix them to make your own blends.


Our Mulberry fragrance is a wonderfully juicy fragrance of plump ripe mulberries. A favorite English sweet, fruity scent. Great for Holidays and year round! Bright and refreshing.

Egyptian musk

An amazing blend of botanicals that is formulated to help you control your stress. This fragrance is typically that of an Earthy, woody, pleasant aroma that takes your mind to another level.

Dragon's Blood

A classic scent well known for its use in incense. Enchanting notes include orange, clove, and patchouli.


Take yourself back to the 60s with the scent! With notes of clove, cinnamon, cedar, and jasmine, this scent is sure to give you Woodstock feels.

Apple Maple Bourbon

This scent will fill your home with mouthwatering goodness. Favored by many, this scent smells just like a buttery, boozy, apple pie was just baked.

Bayberry Woods
This scent gives the feeling of sauntering through the woods. Hints of mint will have you feeling energized.

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