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Our handcrafted non-toxic diffuser blends are a great fire free alternative. Our oils have been blended and are ready to use in reed diffusers or aromatherapy diffusers. We use our safe scents for these blends. Choose from 30mL or 4 ounce amber glass bottles.

Don't forget to add our 100% natural ratan reeds.  These reeds have been sourced responsibly and cut for maximum fragrance throw. Imported from Indonesia.

Lavender Fields is a popular classic scent. This blend keeps lavender true to its scent without it being too aggressive. Truly great for any space or occasion.

Patchouli- Take yourself back to the 60s with the scent! With notes of clove, cinnamon, cedar, and jasmine, this scent is sure to give you Woodstock feels.

Peppermint Eucalyptus- A classic blend of peppermint and eucalyptus that will help you feel refreshed and renewed.

Pineapple Sage- Earthy and tropical scent

French Lilac
Lilac, lily of the valley and a hint of honeysuckle.

Carolina Honeysuckle
This blend will have you feeling like you are on your back porch swing, watching the sunset in the Carolinas. Honeysuckle with hints of jasmine and violet.

This scent will take your breath away in the best way! Moonflower is a seductive blend including roses, cherry blossoms, and amber.

Summer Meadow
A fresh and clean scent, summer meadow includes notes of lemongrass, citrus, and sage.

Vanilla Cashmere
Vanilla cashmere is a classy and elegant scent enhanced with ylang ylang, bergamot, and sandalwood.

Classic citronella candle.

Fairy Berries
A fruity take on cotton candy, this scent is favored by many.

Sea Salt and Orchid
This salty and floral scent would be great for a spa day.

The Ocean
With hints of sea salt and jasmine, this scent will make you feel like you are at the ocean. (Comparable to high tide)

Bayberry Woods
This scent gives the feeling of sauntering through the woods. Hints of mint will have you feeling energized.

Christmas Cheer
Orange, cinnamon, spice, and a fir tree blend will make you feel like it is Christmas Day any day!

Cranberry Forest
A light pine and fir scent with cranberries and cinnamon with just a touch of vanilla.

Fall Y'all
Fall Y'all is a crisp autumn scent with hints of berry, apple, and chrysanthemum. A wonderful alternative if pumpkin spice isn't really your thing.

Frankincense and Myrrh
A well-known duo used for thousands of years, this scent is sure to leave you feeling relaxed.  

Fraser Fir
Inspired by the Christmas tree of the Appalachians, this candle encompasses the slightly citrus and fir tree smell.

Frosted Juniper
Fruity evergreen with a hint of sage.

Let the smell of ginger and molasses fill your home with this memory provoking scent.

Harvest Moon
Take a walk on a cool autumn night under the moon and stars shining bright with this soothing, yet crisp scent. This scent has notes of eucalyptus, lavender, and bayberry.

Palo Santo
Palo Santo meaning "holy wood" is a calming and relaxing scent. Palo Santo is derived from the Bursera graveolens tree in South America, and is used similarly to sage, acting as a reset for energy.

Pumpkin Pie
Classic sweet and delicious pumpkin pie.

Aloe and Agave
This scent is our enhanced version of our Patchouli scent. Aloe and Agave is everything you love about patchouli plus agave, aloe, and chrysanthemum to leave you feeling like you are walking through a succulent garden.

Jamaica Me Crazy
Tropical fruits and rum unite to make this summer scent.

Lemon Verbena
Bright and lightly sweet with notes of citrus and sugar.


A great 90s nostalia scent, plumeria is sure to fill your space with it's sweet, juicy bouquet scent.

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