Holiday Scented Beeswax Votive Candles

Holiday Scented Beeswax Votive Candles

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All of the classic fragrances of the holidays like Pumpkin Spice Everything and Fraser Fir.
Apple Maple Bourbon
This scent will fill your home with mouthwatering goodness. Favored by many, this scent smells just like a buttery, boozy, apple pie was just baked.
Bayberry Woods
This scent gives the feeling of sauntering through the woods. Hints of mint will have you feeling energized.
Blackberry Saffron
Blackberry, saffron, and amber come together in this scent to create a magical balance of sophistication and comfort.
Bring the relaxing scent and feel of a bonfire inside with this candle.
Christmas Cheer
Orange, cinnamon, spice, and a fir tree blend will make you feel like it is Christmas Day any day!
Cinnamon Roll
A classic blend of cinnamon, vanilla, clove, and nutmeg.
Cranberry Apple Jam
Cranberries, apples, spice, and a touch of orange will have you feeling like you are having breakfast at Grandma's.
Cranberry Forest
A light pine and fir scent with cranberries and cinnamon with just a touch of vanilla.
Fall Y'all
Fall Y'all is a crisp autumn scent with hints of berry, apple, and chrysanthemum. A wonderful alternative if pumpkin spice isn't really your thing.
Frankincense and Myrrh
A well-known duo used for thousands of years, this scent is sure to leave you feeling relaxed.  
Fraser Fir
Inspired by the Christmas tree of the Appalachians, this candle encompasses the slightly citrus and fir tree smell.
Frosted Juniper
Fruity evergreen with a hint of sage.
Let the smell of ginger and molasses fill your home with this memory provoking scent.
Harvest Moon
Take a walk on a cool autumn night under the moon and stars shining bright with this soothing, yet crisp scent. This scent has notes of eucalyptus, lavender, and bayberry.
Palo Santo
Palo Santo meaning "holy wood" is a calming and relaxing scent. Palo Santo is derived from the Bursera graveolens tree in South America, and is used similarly to sage, acting as a reset for energy.
Peppermint Mocha
A blend of peppermint and chocolate that smells just like your favorite holiday drink!
Pumpkin Spice Everything
Everything you love about pumpkin spice- sweet, smoky, and pumpkin.
Spiced Pear
Brandy, pear, and clove scent.
Sugar and Spice
This scent smells like fresh apple cinnamon raisin bread being baked.

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